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Glam Construction Inc

“WE BUILD so you can LIVE AND ENJOY your dreams”

Your vision and dreams deserve to be a reality. Glam Construction is here to help you with any construction dreams you can imagine.



cIf you have ever taken upon a remodeling project, you know they can be complicated and expensive. Specially, when you work directly with a subcontractor. Some handyman and pay for labor workers out there are not prepared to make sure you save money trough out your project. If you want to save and make sure you finish your remodeling project with in time and budget we are here for you. Experience teams always available to help you accomplish your goals.


You are unique and your construction project has to represent your vision and accommodate for all your specific needs. You need to work with a team that understands you and what you want to accomplish. You know it is not about us, it is all about your and what you really want. You are right, and we are here to help you discover all the possibilities available to make your dream a reality.

Emergency repair services

Once in a while things just stop working. Maybe you have experienced this when you lease expected. Maybe you are busy at the time or maybe you are on your way out. Some times things happens when you are about to take that well deserved trip out of town. Yes, emergencies happen when you less expect them. But, you don’t need to handle it yourself. We are here to help you when you need it the most. Call us at any time.

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build your vision

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Before you decide who you think can help you with your construction or remodeling project. you need to make sure they have the experience. We recomend you visit them and learn about the process they use to make sure they learn what your true goals are. How do they know what you truly want and what needs you have.
When you visit Glam Construction Inc. you will soon discover that our process is simple and powerful. We ask you simple questions that give us the answer we need to make sure we are what you need.
Feel free to visit any time and let our experience and our process help you get your project going.



You are always in Control. You control every decision, every step of the way. Through consistent and transparent reports, we keep you informed and up-to-date on all facets of the project. In this way, you always have a complete understanding of everything.

You can always depend on the people that show you results. at Glam Construction, you always have the right information so you can make the right decisions.

Transparency is your best allied.


Having the right knowledge is as important as having the right attitude and mind set.


if you are looking for a team of talented individuals with the right attitude. you need to look no further.


Glam Construction is always looking for the right team players that have your interest in their mind all the time.





Working as a team is essential for a good experience and for the right results.

If you are interested on having the right team of talented professionals that have the right skills and know how to work with other disciplines.

Then you are in the right place.